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HOT MASTER steam generator

SG series
High performance
Steam temperature accuracy
Steam flow stability
Preliminary testing for all parameters
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Industrial steam generator HOT MASTER

Simple and stable steam generation

The SG electric steam generator series is an industrial line that covers any needs of an enterprise for a pair. The steam generators of the SG series have variable capacities ranging from 11 kg of steam / hour to 1000 kg of steam / hour. Reliable technical performance and accuracy of the supported characteristics were appreciated by many large enterprises, for example, such as: Kalushskaya TPP, KGP Kremnypolymer, PJSC Kievhleb, LLC Yubileiny meat factory, etc. Choosing the HOT MASTER industrial steam generators you can be sure of the long and uninterrupted operation of the equipment and the fulfillment of all assigned production tasks.

Main technical parameters

Ambient temperature
Max. steam temperature
from 9 kW to 780 kW
from 11 kg / h to 1000 kg / h
Parameters and options
Type of steam generator
industrial electric tenovy, pipe design
Power adjustment
manual adjustment / automatic adjustment
Limit max. power
Number of steps reg. power
from 2 to 200
Power conductor part
aluminum / copper
Control Panel
Safety system
Condensate collection system
Water preparation unit

The use of industrial steam generators

Industrial steam generators are electric, gas, diesel, solid fuel. Basically, the steam produced by the steam generator is used as a coolant and does not interact directly with the object of consumption, although there are a number of technical processes where the steam directly interacts with the material or object. Recently, industrial electric steam generators are confidently taking the lead in popularity and efficiency. This is happening against the background of a rise in prices for energy carriers and a complex preparation of production, both in technical terms and in terms of obtaining documentation for other types of steam generators. The electric steam generator produces standard steam with temperatures up to 160 degrees and pressures up to 8 atmospheres. But if necessary, the temperature of the steam can be significantly increased, up to 235 degrees. After steam extraction, condensate is formed, it can be fed back to the steam generator and increase its efficiency by reducing energy consumption due to the high initial temperature. Also, the condensate no longer has scale-forming impurities. Industrial steam generators have found their application in such technical processes:

  • Sterilization of milk;
  • Steaming feeds;
  • Defrosting meat carcasses;
  • Dough dredging and glossing of bread production;
  • Production of pasta;
  • Cooking boilers in the confectionery industry;
  • Heating concrete mass;
  • Production of foam plastic;
  • etc.

HOT MASTER is a reliable and technological electric steam generators.

20 years of experience in the production of water heating equipment