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Industrial steam generators and water heating equipment from the manufacturer. Reliability that is guaranteed by time and competence. Among our clients there are defense companies that we cannot even name. We solve non-standard tasks. We know everything about hot water!

Industrial steam generator HOT MASTER

Electric steam generators

The HOT MASTER industrial electric steam generator is an ecological and cheap way to get steam. The resulting steam is used in many ways, for example: sterilization, heat treatment, drying, cleaning, etc.

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Electric boilers

HOT MASTER industrial electric boilers are precise temperature control, reliable electronics and unconditional workmanship. Our boilers warm thousands of people in several countries.

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Electric water heaters

HOT MASTER industrial water heaters are available in two versions, flow and capacitive. We close any technological need of enterprises for hot water. Save with HOT MASTER water heaters

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We are manufacturers!

HOT MASTER is a vast experience in the production of industrial electric steam generators, electric water heaters and electric boilers, as well as solving non-standard problems for the largest private and public companies. We occupy a leading position in the manufacture of industrial steam generating and water heating devices.

Some of our clients are:

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Features of HOT MASTER

20 y. of experience
Our experience in the production of steam generators and boiler equipment is more than 20 years. We have come a long way of technical development.
500+ projects
During the existence of the company, more than 500 projects have been implemented in various fields. Our equipment uses the Chernobyl NPP, Khmelnitsky NPP, etc.
They trust us
We work with sectors such as energy or defense. The peculiarity of such companies in the increased requirements for equipment reliability.
We have a development department and several patents for inventions related to water heating devices, we continue to improve technology.
The equipment HOT MASTER has high quality of assembly and technical execution, and also passes tests on the testing stand. The activity is certified according to ISO 9001.
We strictly adhere to the agreed agreements. And the manufactured equipment sometimes works for 8 years without any service.

20 years of experience in the production of water heating equipment